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So Sweet Presents: Man Like Me, Chupacabra + Tapedeck DJs
Tuesday, January 15
Quoth our friend Mira "So Sweet Records are the hippest of the hip cutting edge Svengalis of the swinging LA electro scene. With signings like Crystal Castles, Dan Deacon, Le Castle Vania under their belts, as well as sweeping up all of London's most wanted acts including Man Like Me, Partyshank, The Cleft Pallettes, Bolt Action Five etc etc So Sweet transformed into uber label and started managing acts, organising parties, teaming up to sell apparel and spreading operations to Japan and the UK. On 15th Jan you can see some of So Sweet's finest
shaking their thangs down at White Heat".

You probably know Man Like Me by now - this'll be their fourth WH gig I think plus we're not averse to playing their singles.

Chupacabra are part Dreamburger, part Lost Penguin almost certainly those parts make them completely insane.

The Cleft Pallettes say the following about themselves "The Cleft Palettes are two geeks and a dweeb who use grime handclaps and MIDI samples to make awesome songs sound really fucking shit. Like Crystal Castles but not cool, or good." Personally I think they're being far too hard on themselves - decide for yourself!

And Tapedeck DJing!
"We will just dj as unfortunately we are unable to bring our light show based on Ancient Egypt to this event."
DJ's, Remixers, Party Throwers - truly there seems to be no end to the talents of these two. My only complaint is that they do seem to like Kate Nash that little bit too much.
Listen here:

And after all that it's your regular DJ due Matty and Olly till 3am (or just before - we've lost five minutes because apparently you people make too much noise and someone complained to the council - so please leave quietly, this is a residential area).

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