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White Heat Records Presents: One More Grain, My Sad Captains + MIxedcases
Tuesday, January 08
We're releasing a single and album by One More Grain in January and a single by My Sad Captains in Febuary so to celebrate (and give all you lovely people a chance to come down and marvel at their amazing live performances).

Here's what Time Out have to say about OMG:

Here's a link to 'Won't get Fooled Again' from their debut Album, Pigeon English (it's an instrumental).

The single, 'Having a Ball' is up on the player on the White Heat Records Myspace.

My Sad Captains include a member of Fanfarlo (in fact that's where Fanfarlo found her at another White Heat gig) and have played for us a few times now. Pavement-y indie and rather lovely songs (And Videos). By way of proof here's the video for 'Bad Decisions' their debut single released on Fortuna Pop.

Mixedcases is soloist Mark, another member of Fanfarlo.

DJing early will be Justin, another member of Fanfarlo...

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Thursday, January 01

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