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Antimatter People + Misterwives + Anto Dust
Tuesday, May 06
Tickets are £6 Advance
Times for this one are a bit odd:
22:00 - Misterwives
21:15 - Antimatter People
20:30 - Anto Dust

“All starry-eyed dreaming and guitar lines which fade into the imagination, this is as sweet as a sugar cube and twice as potent” - Clash
“Antimatter People is sound-wise an intriguing antithesis to the sound of 2013” - Blah Blah Blah Science
“A rich, diverse sound” - The 405 “Yehan Jehan’s outfit opts for a crisp sound and production style — reminiscent of Pink Floyd at their finest — which ironically does more justice to their forerunners than do their compatriots” - All Things Go

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Thursday, January 01

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