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Warm Brains + Grass House + Novella
Tuesday, January 24
Warm Brains Poster
Warm Brains is the brainchild of that Man Rory Attwell. We think he's played White Heat in four different bands before now but it's hard to say - might be more. That's not so important though - what's important is this is probably the best yet.

"Attwell’s debut perfectly demonstrates the art of loud, quiet, loud music that clutches onto pop sensibilities in one hand and a distortion pedal in the other; something only a handful of bands, let alone solo artists, have ever really truly having gotten right." - Drowned In Sound
"an(other) unexpectedly brilliant curveball 8/10" - NME

""There is actually something quite Modern Lovers-esque about vocalist Liam Palmer’s strange, slightly unwieldy, but oddly compelling lyricism. While it is apparently reflective of the band’s ‘lighter side’, the track has a barely concealed flash of menace; something similar to the feeling of being quietly pursued through a not-quite-familiar landscape." - The Line of Best Fit's Single of the day

Newcomers to White Heat, "Novella combine a guitar sound of Pixies-inspired crispness with a wallowing dirge of noise, set off by melodic, interwoven bass lines." - God is in the TV

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