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Sex Beet + The Castillians+ Jerry Tropicano
Tuesday, August 23
A Sex Beet poster£5Adv / £6 Door
Are you taking yourself too seriously? Do you want to have some fun? It's a gloomy summer in London so come down to White Heat and bask in the humidity of a collection of bands so hot they make my skin burn. Sex Beet are about to embark on a European tour which is stupidly exciting in itself, so let's give them a royal send off and all party like sugar high kids with excitable supports from The Castillians and Jerry Tropicano.

Pure indulgent, unadulterated fun. Remember when you were a kid and nothing mattered? These guys not only remember that feeling but have found a way of sharing it in the most tasty, garage driven vibes. With songs like 'nice hair/nice titties' and 'I'm in love with you (so shut the f'*k up), they don't take themselves too seriously,so following their lead? neither should we. Lighten up, London.

he Castillians might literally be the most under-rated band in the UK. They write perfect pop songs and then make a complete mess out of it all. In a good way. (

This guy's reputation precedes him, with notorious rumours of jail time and a mystery which has obviously caught the attention of Sex Beet (they're taking him on tour round Europe) Im in love with him already and you will be too.



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