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Teeth of the Sea + Gum Takes Tooth + Maria and the Mirrors. BACK ON!
Tuesday, September 06
£6 before 22:30 else £5 after the bands.

We're doing this with the Quietus. Which is good because they like good music and it's pretty great to get involved in promoting it with them. Here's what they might have wrote about the evening if they weren't so hung over from ATP on the weekend.

Quietus favourites Teeth Of The Sea will be playing at Madame JoJo's on the 9th August.

Support will come from Gum Takes Tooth and Maria and the Mirrors, while Quietus pilots John and Luke will be in attendance and spinning records. Doors open at 8pm. For more information including tickets and directions, see below.

"...aching trumpet, ominously incessant bass, benevolent guitar, fumbling drums, forlorn monk moans, half-heard kids voices that smack of both innocence and some kind of odd evil. These are sounds that reflect the sad sads and the blue blues, that have a talent for biting a small chunk out of your heart, that make a mockery of the human condition; that dig deep, that delve under our skin like the bogeyman of youth biding phantom time beneath the bed... sounds that transport our memories back to the Miles Davis of Sketches of Spain and Jack Johnson; back to Meddle-era Pink Floyd, back to the hypnotic wonder of Talk Talk's Laughing Stock and Spirit of Eden…"​wrongjaws

"Gum Takes Tooth, a thunderous rampage of noise tempered with an aptitude for precise rhythms and splintered melody, is a single-headed beast with two bodies: a duo of Thomas Fuglesang on live acoustic drums, physically wired into home grown electronic instruments and bare circuit boards, tweaked, moulded and mangled in real-time by Jussi Brightmore."​takestooth 

"fresh from playing with the likes of john maus, faust, men and hype williams, 'travel sex' is a true document of their visceral live shows where pounding dancehall rhythms combine with nagging vocal melodies and bursts of pummeling power electronics; influences include throbbing gristle, gang gang dance, prurient, girl unit and capleton." - Rough Trade Shops​iamirrors 


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