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Cloud Nothings + Superhumanoids + Idiot Glee
Tuesday, November 23
Cloud Nothings
Idiot Glee

Cloud Nothings are on True Panther Sounds, home to recent White Heat guests such as Glasser, Tanlines & Girls. They're supporting Les Savvy Fav the night before so there's two pretty impressive references right there. Here's another two.
"Pressing play on ‘Morgan’ unleashes another fast and feral, brilliantly infectious tour de force in writing the ageless, axe-slaying three minute garage anthem." - Transparentblog
"always giving straight-ahead pop mechanics license to spazz out. Verses boast sharp fangs, choruses beg repeating, and everything is presented with throaty conviction." - Pitchfork (7.9/8.1)
"Superhumanoids' "Persona" is why People Who Write About Music use similes and metaphors, because there are no adjectives that can adequately describe how it sounds like Californian twilight. Warm? Spacey? Woozy? All apt, but no one needs to read those words in a music review ever again. The gorgeous photography on their blog is more appropriate." - RCRD LBL
"Hailing from Lexington, Kentucky is a one-man band also known as Idiot Glee or James Friley to his friends. Carefully crafted buzzing lo-fi melodies that are super laidback and chilled the hell out. 'All Packed Up', Idiot Glee’s debut single for the indie Moshi Moshi label combines simple keyboard lines and looped beats with Friley’s pop vocals, harking back to time of 50s diners and swinging skirts." - Dazed


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