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The Pharmacy + Anna Calvi + Düd
Tuesday, October 05
The Pharmacy
Anna Calvi

three gentlemen from Vahon Island, Washington. Here's some of their influences: "Kinks, The Vaselines, Sparks, Arthur Alexander, ELO, Jonathan Richman, Daniel Johnston, Superfuzz Bigmuff!". They come out the other side sounding rather wonderfully like the sum of all those parts. They "...recall influences of the Shangri-La's and the Zombies, while still retaining the energy and spontaneity of a young and hungry band"
Anna Calvi is heading out on tour with Grinderman in October and this is by way of a warmup and a chance for some people to goggle and say things like 'cor - this is great'. That's what we did at Offset when we had her play.
Düd are in with our friends over there at Off Modern. When they like something it's usually a good idea to prick up ones ears and have a bit of a listen. And so it was with Düd:
"With only three songs being siphoned from promoters to bloggers and back again Düd  could be accused of being a tease, as enigma-ish as their music. Like the pallid figures of Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr. and Pavement Düd’s music investigates that place between happy and sad, casual and confrontational, subtle and explosive. As vulnerable indie melodies fight off sludge-riff mutinies what could be described as grunge music somehow leaves one feeling joyful." – Off Modern blog


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