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Mirrors + The Hundred in the Hand + MNDR + TOMB CREW Latenight show.
Tuesday, July 13
They've DJed for us three times before: back in 2008 was the first time and we all kinda stood back and said things like 'this is a bit good' and 'where can we get our own hype man' and 'good job on booking 'em for us No Pain in Pop guys!' Every time they come back the party gets a little more mental...

The Hundred in the Hands

From Brighton "Mirrors' sound recalls early OMD and Ultravox. At least one song sounds like Joy Division's 'Atmosphere' if it had been recorded a decade later post-Acid. Another sounds like Arcade Fire if they were into circuits and wires not strings and strumming." IoS Live review
Here's some quotes for The Hundred in the Hands:
"Their 6-song EP sways from hypnotic, Fan Death-like nu-disco to minimal post-punk. Two thumbs up!" - Time Out
"(EP track) 'Sleepwalkers' manages to exude glacial cool and cuddle-worthy warmth at the same time" – NME
"With a long player on the way This Desert is a perfect teaser/taster for that album, but more importantly an absolute pleasurein its own right." 8/10, Drownedinsound
"A stirring blend of Fever Ray shadowiness and waves of garage moodiness... they've certainly got bracing dance music nailed" - The Fly
"Mark Ronson's “Bang Bang Bang,” features one of our favorite people—quirky bespectacled chanteuse/technowizard Amanda Warner aka MNDR, who is incredibly talented and will hopefully glean gobs of Lady Gaga-levels of fame off this track." -
The Brooklyn--based artist has already been rightly hailed for minimal techno tracks like “C.L.U.B.” and “Fade to Black,” and is garnering acclaim for her high-energy, one-woman live shows." - PAPER Magazine
"She's like Cyndi Lauper imprisoned in the Hype Machine." - Jamie Hodgson

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Thursday, January 01

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