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Crocodiles + Milk Maid + The Ropes
Tuesday, June 01
Milk Maid
The Ropes
Crocodiles are pretty great - two of them have even played for us before in another band, the Plot to blow up the Eiffel Tower (another of them is in the Soft Pack and played last year).

"You are f***ing fraudulent hipster fashion douchebags. You're making everything suck. You're like rats, killing anything decent in culture with your f***ing retrograde, ironic outlook on f***ing everything. Stop making music. You're killing it. Twats."

As vitriolic and aggressive in their music as in their cultural outlook, Crocodiles make dirty, melody driven tracks much like Jesus and the Mary Chain or Velvet Underground, but with more of a synth-driven pop bent. Jerking between Rapture-esque post-punk, dance rock, and slow burning synth-pop whilst always keeping their musical toes dipped in noise and darkness.

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Thursday, January 01

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