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White Heat flyer: Organist only. shim
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Princeton + Harry's Gym + Dappled Cities
Tuesday, May 11
Harrys Gym
Dappled Cities
"Shiny Shiny summer pop melodies and glummier British influences" - Puregroove
"frayed synth-pop ... shoegaze whorls... chiming tropical reverie..." - Pitchfork
About HG from the Guardian 'New Band of the Day' thing:
The buzz: "Fascinating dream-indie"
The truth: Sweet, soaring sorrow from such an inauspiciously named band.
File next to: Club 8, Radio Dept, Mew, Boo Radleys.
"They make widescreen music full of big gestures and sweeping melodies" - Pitchfork (7.8)

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Thursday, January 01

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