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La Shark + Beaty Heart + With that Knife
Tuesday, April 06
La Shark
Beaty Heart
With That Knife

La Shark are one of those bands doing eerything right. They got a chap doing beautiful art, they got their own club (nobody else is doing it right apparently) they've even got a bunch of songs that, while they sound great on record jump out at you live and drag you into a kind of vortex of vaudeville oddness that's seen them packed off on tour with the likes of Paloma Faith and leave me stood at the side of the stage grinning rather foolishly.
Beaty Heart aren't a particularly standard proposition. Loops, tribal drums, shouting should inspire dancing or at least mouth agog admiration. Lazy comparisons: Animal Collective, El Guincho...
"the talent and cohesiveness is just plain jaw-dropping...Delightful basslines and riffs combine with snth created noise and kickass drumbeats all amidst any of 4 vocalists letting loose, making for some splendid sounds indeed." - Second City

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