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May 68 + Portasound + Breton
Tuesday, March 30
May 68

"Their songs are tight and sleek disco nuggets, glamorous and totally accessible.
MAY68 possess potential in spades." - NME
"MAY68 don't make music, they make addictive little bombs that explode with delirious energy and hip-shaking accuracy." - BBC Manchester
"The perfect synthesis of giddy pop euphoria and dancefloor disco sensibility." - Citylife

"takes the twisted melodies of Gyratory System and affixes them onto a Bloc Party kind of song structure before sprinkling with Metronomy dust and mincing the whole thing through a digital wringer. Then it goes dubstep for a bit before ending with the sound of a diseased PC trying to connect to dial up internet over a disco beat." - The Daily Download

Quoth Rough Trade Shops of Breton: "the debut release from dance-led avant-grunge three-piece, breton is an early snapshot of a single moment in their ever developing experiments with the audio-visual. captured on 8" reel-to-reel in one weekend by producer rory attwell of kasms (for whom breton have created two promo videos), four track practical ep is an immediate and confrontational burst of digital and analogue texture, layered with abstract narrative."


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Thursday, January 01

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