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O Children + Hecuba + Sunderbans
Tuesday, October 20
We're saying it with pictures as well as music this time. Check out the videos for both these bands most recent releases below.

Guardian New band of the day say of O Children, somewhat stangely:
The buzz: "Early Bunnymen distilled through Billy Idol schlock."
The truth: There is something a little Rocky Horror about them, but not so much that it detracts from the music's considerable dark power.
Most likely to: Fetishise death and despair while disco dancing.
Least likely to: Wear fake conical breasts, no matter how ace.
What to buy: The single Dead Disco Dancer is Freleased by Deadly on Monday.
File next to: Sisters of Mercy, Fields of the Nephilim, Bauhaus, the Horrors.

"This LA two-piece do 50's-influenced spook-electro, with sparse keyboards building atmospheres pregnant with dread and desire, while Isabelle Albuquerque croons nightmare-logic lyrics, one minute a victim, the next a femme fatale. 'Miles Away' is Kraftwerk stuck on the Lost Highway, a spectral noir with an ungraspable story line, while 'Humanize' could be the ghost of The Shangri-Las. All these songs twist and turn and fuck with your head, especialy when they turn into pop tunes, as with 'Even So' which could be Kylie if it didn't keep dodging choruses. But 'Suffering' discombobulates most. After an album of Suicide-isms, it sounds like Soft Cell doing Grease and a fitting end to an inventive, darkly addictive album. 8/10"

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