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Women + A Grave with no Name + Thee fair Ohs + Toe Hammer
Sunday, May 24
Below's some press for Women. They're Pretty special and, when they played WH back in Feb they sold the place out and wowed the crowd. I would say that so if you've not already checked them out now could well be the time to...

A Grave with No Name meanwhile have been on tour with the Big Pink, gracing a rather wonderful No Pain in Pop compilation album and playing gigs with the great and the good left right and sometimes in London as well. Plus, of course, wowing crowds all around the country.


"These Women sure are hot." - News Of The World

"The beauty of this band is that they don't sound wantonly eclectic, more that in forcibly erasing any sense of identity in their music they've stumbled upon the perfect hiding place, an album that sounds like an eerily beautiful echo of itself." - Drowned in Sound

"An archetype of indie rock of the last 20 years, the Canadian band seek, in the most guileless way, to join a lineage of classic songwriting." - Guardian Guide

"Sparky dreamers concocting a blend of retro pop, psychedelia and surrealism." - Metro

"Makes swift progress through post-punk and trashcan clamour, '60s-style pop and soundscape explorations, with a decidedly ramshackle charm." - MOJO

"A glorious mix of heavenly harmonies and lo-fi garage. Like Animal Collective messing around on Black Lips' kit." - NME on Black Rice

"Akin to a lo-fi take on The Beach Boys." - The Observer on Black Rice

"Listening to the album is like exploring a crumbling, spooky mansion that's been abandoned for a couple of centuries - room after room of odd artefacts and antiquarian splendour reveal themselves, thick with dust." - Plan B

"It's commendably varied, from the feedback whiteout of Lawncare via the tinkling drone of Woodbine to the delicate '60s-inspired pop of Black Rice and the prettily lo-fi Group Transport Hall." - Q

"This is incredibly atmospheric... haunting notes are held for for minutes on end while static overrides and simplistic pop sensibilities step in to return you to the real world." - Rock Sound

"Women are not women. They are men. No matter, they are beautiful anyway." - The Stool Pigeon

"A wonderfully ramshackle affair steeped in the lo-fi aesthetic of feedback, drones, reedy vocals and shafts of twinkling melody." - The Sun

"Short and endearingly haphazard, the sumptuous Zombies twirl of standout track Black Rice emerging bushy-tailed from a long peal of anxious static." - Uncut

"Starts off sounding like The Shins serenading a slumber party and closes with the sound of Wolf Eyes having a migraine." - Vice

The debut album by Women was recorded over four months on ghetto blasters and old tape machines in Chad VanGaalen's basement, an outdoor culvert and a crawl space. Sometimes light and spacious, at other times eerie and dense with an ominous weight, this self titled album touches upon Velvet Underground, Swell Maps or This Heat while not really having any obvious precursors - a lo-fi masterpiece cloaked in layers of vibrato and guitar wash.

Noisy and claustrophobic songs smash through junkyard trash brawls while others lift and soar across the landscape of 50's-informed pop; a contradiction and an enigma, the debut album by Women will find its way onto summertime pool break-in boombox mixes and the turntables of record store devotees.

Women is Patrick Flegel, Matthew Flegel, Michael Wallace and Christopher Reimer, and the four young men live in Calgary, Canada.

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