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Jonquil + This Town Needs Guns + Three Trapped Tigers
Tuesday, September 16
A night of Math & Folk this one.
Here's two quotes about Jonquil that say quite a bit:
"a host of beutiful Beirut-gone-English folk songs" NME
" an Elizabethan Sufjan Stevens or Adem without the 'I invented folktronica' self-importance" Vice
This Town Needs Guns are also from the Oxford scene that gave us Youthmovies and Foals (and Jonquil) among many others. The tour's a rotating headliner affair between Jonquil and TTNG so we won't know till the night who's actually going to be headlining.
Three Trapped Tigers aren't from Oxford, retain a certain mathiness but dispense with the folk.
Plus our friends Twee as F**k Djing around the bands

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