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They Came From the Stars I Saw Them + The Virgins + Lawrence Arabia
Tuesday, July 15
"As the bratty hyperactive siblings of Hot Chip who inherited all their toy instruments They Came From The Stars strike up that contagious pound and commence to break their older brother's toys and throw that space echo effects unit down the fucking stairs before bed time. And you know what's so great? In They Came From The Stars World, there is no bed time! It's Time has the song structure DFA's remixes have been aiming at for years...this is the real thing. Remember your fairy stories kids, these are the children of Puck and Pan. They Came From The Stars and ran away with your heart, your girlfriend, your mum, auntie Doris and all your acid."

"this might be the first time in years i listened to a 12" someone gave to me randomly and liked it, freaked out & grabbed the sleeve wondering "who is this new talent emerging?!" really lovely. i can't fucking wait to play it tonite!"

Over from NYC and boasting so many plays on their Myspace that whichever intern is charged with hitting refresh and then clicking through the songs must be trapped in a cage with only coke for sustenance. Or they've got an obscene number of fans. As it is they come across somewhere between seventies soft rock and Talking Heads. Apparently they're going to be HUGE.

Lawrence Arabia deserves to be HUGE. Go have a listen and gawp at the out and out amazingness. Sadly I'm not so good at hyperbole but he does deserve it.

From the Myspace: "Lawrence Arabia's career thus far has been hamstrung by the tragedy that was the destruction of the famous Pink and White Terraces in 1886, by the cataclysmic volcanic eruption of Mount Tarawera.

With the proceeds of his self-released debut album in May 2006, he intends to begin a massive campaign to turn the terraces into a world class freshwater diving attraction by using underwater digging apparatus to remove the metres of ash and other volcanic debris currently covering the terraces."

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