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Nic Nell + Wet Paint & Foals DJs
Tuesday, July 01
Dananananaykroyd - Not actually playing this now due to some difficulties with recording schedule. Something of a shame as we do rather love them. Hopefully get them along later. Probably be replacing them with something else amazing hopefully though.

Nic Nell -
"His live show is the best thing to cure a frown since God created sherbert dips." Dazed and Confused
How can you argue with a statement like that? 30th June will see Nic's first single released so you could maybe see this is as a launch party. His warped pop will leave you dancing your arse off.

Wet Paint -
With members from the rather wonderful Absentee and Economy Wolf, Wet Paint sound like the best bits of Pavement with the Pixies thrown in for good measure. Heavy heavy heavy and brilliant.
Their new single 'Hug It Out' is out on 23rd June through Trial & Error Recordings, perfect timing for playing White Heat.

Foals (DJ) -
You might have heard of them. They're going to DJ. And no doubt playing some sweeeeet disco.

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