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Halloween Costume Party with Miasma and the Carousel of Headless Horses, Trencher and Invasion live.
Tuesday, October 30
So I've booked a self indulgently LOUD bill but then it's Halloween and Doom fits right in. Trencher are heading off to the states to tour a day after this one (and were offered a Klaxons support that they couldn't do because of it!) so it's the last chance to see them for a while.

Someone on Amazon reviewed the Miasma... album and I've got to defer to them for a description: "...This London quintet play very complex, creepy but also very catchy chamber rock along the lines of Univers Zero, Devil Doll, Art Bears, and Tom Waits. The band judging from the alchemical songtitles, and the sacred geometry on the artwork are inhabiting some hermetic space between Aleister Crowley, John Dee, and Athanasius Kircher. For those who are sick to death of the instrumental humdrum of bands like Godspeed and Mogwai and are seeking something more challenging, check Perils out! Artwork is beautiful too!"
Perfect for Halloween then.

If you're wondering whether people are going to bother to dress up have a look at the images link on the left. See those Transformers?

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