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The History of Apple Pie + Gum + Thee MVP's
Tuesday, April 23
Tickets are available on the dor from eight!
Following on from their sold out end of tour spectacular in East London we've tHoAP coming to play for us! Get your tickets quick as - you know - you don't want to miss out.

Tickets are £6 Advance:

Support from locals Gum & Thee MVP's

Here's what Rough Trade have to say about one of their albums of the month: Out of view' is the debut album from the history of apple pie. it sees the band take expansive and very exciting leaps with these new recordings. the infectious fuzzy pop sound of those early singles has been crafted and developed and they have taken the guitar aesthetic of their heroes - sonic youth, radiohead and blur, into new and glorious terrorties. expect more tales of medicated teenage heartache and the psychedelic rain of slacker-genius guitar chops from jerome's home made pedal board, but the band have really come of age and the result is a truly memorable and exhilarating guitar pop album. 'out of view', recorded in london over the last few months, was self produced by guitarist jerome watson, mixed by charles 'chicky' reeves and engineered by joshua third of the horrors, who also adds his unique guitar sound to the albums closer 'before you reach the end'

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