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Amusement + Antwerp + Kappa Gamma Live
Tuesday, January 08
For our first show of the new year we've gone for a dream pop medley with three UK acts we expect to make a big impact on 2013.

Headlining we have Amusement, who've only recently gone from a bedroom production two piece to a full band set up, the conversion has been pretty clean with the band seeing off the latter half of 2012 with a series of sold out shows across the capital.

Antwerp is an Italian born but now London based producer, his tribal drums and glowing synth sounds evoke places as far fetched as the Sahara and the Orient to create vast jet-lagged soundscapes.

Opening we have Nottingham's Kappa Gamma who create swirling ethereal guitar pop, you should get down early to catch some of their hooks before they blow up with their debut album. File next to Wild Beasts, Talking Heads and a bit of Interpol.

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