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Jacuzzi Boys + Paws + Drop Out Venus Live
Tuesday, March 27
This is going to be a party.Jacuzzi Boys Poster

"If these goofy Miami garage punks ever come to your town, be there with beer money. After a 2009 album, assorted seven-inch singles, and a recent live recording for Jack White's Third Man imprint, Jacuzzi Boys have taken their place among the best sloppy racket-makers bashing out easy-boogie soundtracks to your next drunken night at the local rock dive..." reviews/ jacuzzi-boys-glazin-hardly- art

While definitely within the garage milieu, there's definitely more going on here with this Miami trio. Jacuzzi Boys sound is less blown-out sounding than most of their brethren, with a strong post-VU New York vibe with them -- Television and The Feelies are pretty obvious influences here I think -- and their album from last year, No Seasons, is pretty damn great. 
http:// archives/2010/06/ miracles_of_mod.html

Here's all the music and lovely interactive social media stuff for you to like: pages/Jacuzzi-Boys/ 105715817950

DJing between the bands we've got the world famous Gemma K-Tep. 

Tickets are £5:
http:// 148364
http:// ?region=gb_london&query=det ail&event=483021

Bruise Cruise Pt.1 Feat. Jacuzzi Boys from Bayan Joonam on Vimeo.

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