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The Chap + NZCA/Lines + Stopmakingme Latenight
Tuesday, November 08
One of the finest live shows we've had at JoJo's was from the Chap a little while back and what DJ & Nightclub promoter could not fall for a band that allows him to sing along to the lyrics "Come on come on cloner - clone another me, My generation, needs another me, me and me, etc"? I honestly can't think of one.

NZCA/Lines are best coveered by Guardian New Band of the Day: "The last time we heard, Michael Lovett was playing bass and singing backing vocals in a pop-rock outfit called Your Twenties. Today, he's operating as a one-man band with the avowed intention of being "our" answer to Timbaland circa Aaliyah's Try Again, with himself doing both parts – ie the quixotic production and the cooing cyborg vocals."


Latenight: Stopmakingme
Joining us late night is the awesome Stopmakingme. A regular fixture at Bugged Out parties and not to mention a Fabric resident. Dan Avery brings down his extensive record collection to make his white heat debut after spending the best part of the last 5 years on the other end of our soundsystem. Expect a fair few of those "what the hell is this!?" moments and a few of his own late night disco creations.

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