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The Blood Arm + Paris Suit Yourself + Great White Shark Live
Tuesday, October 18
The Blood Arm are back with us! They've a new album out, seem to have moved to Berlin but kept the party-making spirit that's seen them fill JoJo's with dancing people for what can only be described as a raucous live show.

A French-US collective, Paris Suit Yourself are the first 'rock' band ever to be signed to Big Dada. Combining razor-edged Keith Levene-like guitar, crazed polyrhythmic drums and the free-associating lyrics of lead singer Luvinsky Atche, their sound has been honed in the clubs, squat parties and illegal warehouse happenings of Berlin. Aggressive, funny and disturbing, PSY combine the aesthetics of Public Enemy with the melodies of mid-period Bowie and the race politics of Frantz Fanon.

Great White Shark also from Berlin (we seem to have three bands from Berlin tonight - wholly by accident) but we don't know too much more about them. One of them looks very familiar however. Very, very familiar. To anyone that came to White Heat seven years ago at least.


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