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120 Days + The Lysergic Suite + Black Helium
Tuesday, June 21
120 DaysThey're over from Norway and they've taken their noisy, gazey kraut and added a dash of techno. Check their site for some live videos and more...
The Lysergic Suite are dropping down from Leicester where they've been whipping up some noisy-krauty-psych & getting some famous help too...
Opening for us are Black Helium: " Add a dash of Sonic Youth, sprinkle in some Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and blend it with fuzzy guitars and some spacey psyche a la Hawkwind and you get an idea of what Black Helium sounds like. Their music is heavy but in a trippy sort of way. Tons of reverb, howling guitar solos, swirling keyboards and a steady driving beat add to the trip"


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Thursday, November 09

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