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Last White Heat of 2010!
Tuesday, December 28
White Heat No Mans Land Extravaganza

Free Entry 10 - 10:30. Doors 10pm - 3am.

It's the hinterland between Christmas and New Year. The scary time when you're back home - and you've been there for a few days - and you're starting to get cabin fever. Too much food, maybe the family are starting to get a bit overpowering... You need to escape... So, it being a Tuesday, we're throwing a party for you!

I've tried talking it up but basically it's the same as all the other White Heat's just without any bands: Dancing; drinking and being merry soundtracked by the best music we can find and the odd hit from yesteryear too.

Get down early for this one. Not only is it free for the first half hour but it usually gets pretty hectic.

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Friday, December 22

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Friday, December 29

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Sunday, December 31


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