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White Light / White Heat New Year Party
Thursday, December 31
Usual sort of thing. Doors at nine, hang out in bar for a bit having a drink and listening to some great music then head up to the club, have a bit of a dance, do that whole 'New decade!' thing at midnight with party poppers and glitter cannon and live countdowns and bongs (bells, not drug paraphernalia) and all that then get wasted (elegantly) and party till either 4am or whenever you all decide that enough is enough.

Upstairs we'll have White Heat Djs pulling out the best party set we can think of taking account of the fact that the last ten years were pretty great music wise. Downstairs the White Light Djs will be pointing out that there was a bit of good music before that and you can most certainly dance to it too.

Drinks will be at 'Pub Prices' and, judging by last year, fun will be had by all.

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