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Three Trapped Tigers (EP Launch) + Gold Panda + The Cold Sweats
Tuesday, August 25
Much fun planned this week: first there'll be dancing to bands, then dancing to records then going home. More on the former below.

Three Trapped Tigers EP Launch Party. Say the Guardian, not unbelievably (sorry Mr Orwell) "London's Three Trapped Tigers should appeal to fans of Battles and Aphex Twin with their glitchy instrumentals". They've played for us a few times now and they're releasing their second EP (cunningly named EP2) on Monday.

Here's a quote about Gold Panda from The Line of Best Fit. I've mostly included it because it demonstrates how simple sentences can be ruined by terrible typos. You'd never catch me doing that. No. "Gold Panda has immerged as a perveyor of quality low-tech techno". For those of you that can't spot the error... Kill yourselves. Seriously though, do. From an otherwise nice interview here:
Sorry line of Best Fit dudes - we love you really.

Opening for us are the Cold Sweats. Jeremy Warmsley's new project. He was the chap that first introduced us to TTT back last year sometime. Not 100% sure what this new incarnation is going to sound like...

After all that resident losers (and one of us was a guest at Loser once) Matty and Marcus will be playing you tunes to which to dance. Olly won't as he's galavanting in the new world.

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