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Cats in Paris + Girls + Wetdog
Tuesday, May 19
Quoth Rough Trade Shops: "Cats in Paris are a thrilling prog pop epic, with punky boy girl call and response vocals and a massive arpeggiated synth riff that delivers a brand new kind of chorus... suggesting a less mathematical and more upbeat version of washington's apes or a cuter deerhoof or by association, maybe the violin marinated pop of patrick wolf"

About Girls' Hellhole Ratrace the Guardian Said "Hellhole Ratrace starts off acoustic and slow before becoming more electric and majestic, adding instruments and building to a shimmering spectral-ballad climax that goes some way towards justifying those Ramones-produced-by-Spector comparisons..."

Wet Dog will be on their fifth White Heat show I think. Lo-Fi punk trio making the most of gaffer tape and melodies. Artrocker gave them single of the week for their latest out on Angular (These New Puritans, Long Blondes, Crystal Stilts etc.) "Itís Deranged, itís squelchy, itís post-punkiní Ė and thanks to these ladies, itís single of the week. This features a nice selection of doom-laden bass, off-kilter guitars loops and some half-jabbered lyrics."


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