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White Heat flyer: Organist only. shim
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Diskjokke + Hearts Revolution + Crystal Fighters + SLAGSMÅLSKLUBBEN [1am show]
Tuesday, April 22
Slagsmalsklubben (1am show)

They're possibly insane but in the world of post-Justice electro they're right up there with Crystal Castles (although possibly better, certainly less screeching) and the like. Bound to be the most fun live show of the year so far...
Diskjokke + Hearts Revolution + Crystal FIghters

We're flying Diskjokke over from Oslo to play for us. Review of debut album 'staying in: "this is music for fans of Giorgio Moroder, Hot Chip and Junior Boys. Staying In just might be the new going out if it's as much fun as this." -
Hearts Revolution are over from NY and being released by Kate Moross' Isomorph label (she did the artwork for the current White Heat flyers!) and Crystal Fighters promise a Basque Techno Opera to open.

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